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All of these have been updated today:

#27 Mar 1972

The Notorious Ones (B&W)
Crush (B&W)
The Gallant starring Wang Yu (B&W)
One Armed Swordswoman (B&W)
Bloody Fists (B&W)
Bandits From Shantung (B&W poster)

#92 Aug 1977

Chivalry, Gunmen, Killer (B&W)
Lost Swordship (B&W)
Duel w/ the Devils (color)
Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver (color)
Warlock of the Battlefield (B&W)
Gloomy Tower (B&W)
Eagle Claw (B&W)
Woman Of The Hour (B&W)
Knife Of The Devils Roaring and Soul Missing (colour poster)
Clutch of Power (1 page colour)
Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds and Wild Fire (B&W)
Golden Mask (colour poster)

#117 Sep 1979

Beauty Escort (colour)
7 Commandments of Kung Fu (colour poster)
Butterfly 18 (colour)
Big Rascal (B&W)
Magnificent Butcher (B&W)
The Sword starring Adam Cheng (B&W)
Marvelous Kung Fu (B&W)
Thundering Mantis (B&W)
Eight Escorts (B&W)
Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl (B&W)
Peculiar Boxing Tricks and the Master (B&W)
Death Duel of Mantis (colour poster)

#121 Jan 1980

Heroes (colour)
Fighting Ace (colour)
Struggle Through Death (B&W)
Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (B&W)
The Crippled Masters (B&W)
Leg Fighters (B&W)
Unknown (B&W)

#122 Feb 1980

Super Power (colour)
Young Master (B&W)
Killer Wears White (B&W)
Kung Fu Kids Break Away (B&W)
Devil Design (B&W)
Young Avenger (B&W)
The Great Justice (B&W)
Young Hero (B&W)
Unknown Meng Fei (B&W)

#126 Jun 1980

Mask Of Vengeance (B&W)
The Sword (B&W)
Devil Design (B&W)
A Man Of Immortality (B&W)

Mask Of Vengeance (colour)
The Sword (B&W)
Read Lips (B&W)
The Fool Escape
The Sun Moon Legend (B&W)
Unknown War film (B&W)

Coming soon: 116, 155 + more

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