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#125 May 1980*

Buddhist Fist (B&W)
Unknown; see below (B&W)
Leg Fighters (1 page colour)
Sword (B&W)

#123 Mar 1980*

Revenger (colour) MISSING 1 page
Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (colour)
Devil Design (B&W)

#138 Jun 1981*

Great Cheat (B&W)
Prodigal Son (B&W)
Dragon Lord (B&W)
"War After Truce" (colour)
Gambler's Duel (colour)
The Imp (colour)

#146 Feb 1982*

Duel To The Death (B&W)
Champions (B&W)
Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (colour)
Carry On Pickpocket

#147 Mar 1982*

Miracle Fighters (B&W)
Postman Fights Back (B&W)
Four Encounters (B&W)
Mad Rose (B&W)
Lily Under The Muzzle (B&W)
Can't Stop The War (colour)

#158 Feb 1983*

Dead and the Deadly (B&W)
Zu (B&W)
Shaolin Drunkard (B&W)
Attack Of The Joyful Goddess (colour)
Fantasy Mission Force (colour)
Shaolin Drunkard (colour)
Project A (colour)

#171 Mar 1984*

Heroes Shed No Tears (B&W)
Profile In Anger (B&W)
Death Ring (B&W)
Death Ring (colour)

#173 May 1984*

5 Fighters From Shaolin (B&W)
Wheels On Meals (B&W)

#178 Oct 1984

Death Ring (B&W)
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