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Originally Posted by OpiumKungFuCracker View Post
It will never happen, and if it does it'll just be another Jones Jr vs Hopkins II all over again.. May and Pac are in their 30's and still haven't fought yet, lol....
UFC is better....
Even though boxing is not as popular or mainstream as it use to be, it still trumps UFC. Boxing's fanbase is much more diverse, and much larger. UFC was and is a fad. A couple of years ago it had some serious steam, but it got stale really quick. The ppv numbers are declining steadily. Sports bars that use to be full on the weekends with UFC viewers are now empty. The problem with UFC is that it promotes the UFC, and not the fighters. A lot (not all) of the fans are meatheads and rednecks. They tend to identify with white American fighters. Lately all of the big name white American fighters have retired like Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and Brock Lesnar, Most of the stars are now Brazilian so guess which fanbase doesn't care anymore. GSP still has a large Canadian fanbase, but Dana needs to create some more stars asap. He should start by promoting the hell out of Jon Bones Jones.

As far as the Pac/Mayweather fight goes. It will happen when Manny leaves Bob Arum and Top Rank.

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