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Default Bruce Lee Encyclopedia - 26 chinese books

EURO 320
Total 26 copies
from A to Z
each book measure
8" x 5.5"
95% all photo on each book
average 145 pages per book
all photos are printed Color & B/W
Over 10,000 photos been shown

Chapter Info
A: a star is born
B: Child Star of the century
C: Going to Hollywood
D: The Big Boss
E: Chinese Connection
F: Way Of Dragon
G: Enter The Dragon
H:Game Of Death
I: First encounter the world of martial arts
J: Master Of Jeet Kune Do
K: Demonstration of JKD
L: tranning of JKD
M: The heart of JKD
N: Master of Fighter
O: Nunchaku Skill
P:Secret of tranning martial arts
Q: Highlight od demonstrate
R: Bruce's Philosophy
S: Record of challange
T: Rare nes of Bruce Lee
U: Daily Life
V: The death of a star
W: The secret of his death
X: Forever JKD
Y: Souvenir
Z: Forever Hero

Offical Release by the
People's Republic Of China Goverment
University Of Beijin Publishing

Bruce Lee Encyclopedia
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