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Default Memories Of Dragon " Lee Siu Loong" JP BOOK


Phoebe Lee, Robert Lee, Anges Lee, Peter Lee, Compiled by David Tadman
Limited 2000 copies Only World Wide
high quality leather hard cover & outside plastic jacket
measure:12"x 17" (1.5" thick)
Super high qualiting printing. ALL Photographs Only!
DX Memories Of Dragon book has more unrelease images,
both color and black and white.
This Japanese special version book covers from 1940-1965,
One photo per page, average photo size from 8" x 10" to 9.5" x 14"
Book Photo Contant:
1,A star is born
2,In the begining
3,Our family
4,Teenage Siu Loong
5,Siu Loong & Yip Man
6, Cha Cha
7, Dancing
8,Siu Loong arrival in America
9, Siu Loong at Ruby Chow
10, Siu Loong in the snow in Seattle
11, Siu Loong & Peter Lee 1960
12,Siu Loong & Gi
13, Siu Loong at the University of Washington
14, Siu Loong in Seattle
15, Siu Loong & the Gung Fu Class
16, Siu Loong & Flexing
17, Siu Loong & Ed Parker
18, Siu Loong & James Lee
19, Kai Tak
20, Siu Loong family & friends
21, Different faces of Siu Loong
22, Faling
23, Siu Loong & Gung Fu
24, Siu Loong & bDoug Palmer
25, A cousion's wedding
26, After father's service
27, Mother
28, Father

" Bruce Lee" Memories Of Dragon DX Limited Japan Version
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