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Old 12-29-2011, 12:59 PM   #21
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Daughter of Darkness

Uncut Ocean Shores VHS (Retail Edition)

Rental tape(s) and LD were edited cinema versions

Remastered Universe DVD still misses 3:00 compared to rare uncut edition.

Cuts list (Uncut vs Universe):

1. 46m: Shower Scene shorter on universe (2s)

2. 48m: Jump when putting nutshell on the nipple (6s)

3. 51m: Dialogue during pussy rubbing (16s)

4. 53:53: Ripping off of panties and subsequent rape of Lily Chung longer (45.2s)

5. 56:14: More dialogue about Lily not being his child (19s)

6: 63:39: More harrassing dialogue from William Ho to Lily:
("Your tits get smaller, is your man impotent?"),
Middle of shot included, then dialogue cut again:
("The best partner for fucking, right?") (28s)

7. 68m: Sex scene shorter (3.6s)

8. 75:29: "Row your boat" song/rape sequence cut (25s)

9. 75:55: More dialogue after Ling gets up:
("Come, let's do it again"),
He continues to rape Lily (21s)

10. 78:04: First bullet hit is missing a few frames, splashing blood (1s)

11. 79:34: Scissor stabbing misses lots of stabs, blood spurts from wound after first stab (14,8s)
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Old 12-29-2011, 03:15 PM   #22
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Really interesting. I wanted to see that movie since a long time.

Here is a cut scene: http://www.kentaiblog.com/2010/04/ke...60d41473c212e0

P.s. are you sure the VHS is Ocean Shore and not Tai Seng?
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Old 12-29-2011, 10:52 PM   #23
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info is from me about DAUGHTER. the OS Sellthrough Tape is the only uncut Version i know. (the Rental 2 Tape set is cut, as is the LD & VCD - note that the OS Version has some scenes which are missing on the Universe "Restoration", but is missing lots of other stuff)

can't tell about Tai Seng Version as i never seen it.
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Old 12-30-2011, 09:15 PM   #24
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Sorry, I should've said Spannick supplied the info. My mistake.
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Old 01-02-2012, 12:32 AM   #25
Son Of A Gun
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Good to see this thread transferred to here now.
My Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/GregOBehave?feature=mhsn
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Old 03-02-2012, 08:48 AM   #26
Jack J
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Originally Posted by MrSuzuki View Post
The Beasts Pearl City VCD is cut to 83m as per the HK theatrical version. The rape has been shortened as well as some of the stronger violence. A bogus 72m version compiled by VSOM was released on tape in the USA as The Flesh and Bloody Show; this print contained the uncut sex and violence, but added hardcore porn inserts during the rape. These were not shot by the director Dennis Yu.
Not quite correct! It was some other bootlegger who bootlegged VSoM's version and called it "The Flesh And Bloody Show". VSoM called their "original" edit "The Flesh And Bloody Terror".

And guess what... Thomas Weisser is now using the title to sell off the original HK version of THE BEASTS from his current store, calling it: "The Beasts: The Flesh And Bloody Terror", haha. The cover looks different too, I bet it's a bootleg:

And notice he's also selling two completely unrelated films as "sequels" to THE BEASTS:

DEADLY CAMP 2003, which he has retitled: "The Beasts 2003: The Flesh And Bloody Terror"

DEADLY CAMP, which he calls: "The Beasts: Chainsaw Slaughter".

If you look closely at those tiny thumbnail covers you'll notice those titles are actually on the covers. BOOTLEGS!!!

What can I say but... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Old 04-16-2012, 09:27 AM   #27
Killer Meteor
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Hitman in the Hand of Buddha The Eastern Heroes disc includes a rare workprint cut from Korea that runs a shorter 81m compared to the usual 87m HK version. Differences are as follows: 1. The HK does not contain the first fight scene where Hwang Jang Lee stops a kid from picking his pocket, nor does it contain the fight between Eddy Ko and Fan Mei Sheng over the snuff bottle [It's been suggested that this information may be inaccurate]. There are also a couple of non-fight scenes missing, mainly to do with Fan Mei San and his troupe of child thieves.

This isn't techically true.

The HK, and original English version, DOES have Hwang Jang Lee vs. the kid. EH likely removed it from their dvd as the Ocean Shores copyright notice appears during this scene on the uncut tape!

Eddy Ko vs Fan Mei Sheng is in the HK/English version, including the one on the EH DVD.
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Old 09-03-2012, 09:46 AM   #28
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I recently compared the UK Artificial Eye DVD released in 2009 and the ancient HK Mei Ah. The Artificial Eye has a decent, if sometimes fairly soft transfer and clocks in at around a hundred minutes. Its possibly based on the HK theatrical version.
The Mei Ah DVD from 1999 housed in one of those nice oversized cardboard sleeves (with the disc in a jewel case) uses the much longer Taiwanese cut (signified by a Scholar logo at the beginning). There’s multiple different or rather extended scenes, mainly the ones featuring the court sorceress / Imperial Master played by Maggie Cheung. Also the scene with Brigitte Lin and Leslie Cheung in the monster cave plays out considerably longer. PQ of the Mei Ah is no more than VCD quality and it has the customary burned-in English/Chinese subs. However, those subs, despite endless misspellings, grammar mistakes and omissions (leaving the song lyrics and even some snatches of the dialogue untranslated), are oftentimes dramatically different and considerably more revealing and precise, especially in the realm of cultural references, than the (grammatically) impeccable ones on the UK disc. There’s also some very amusing Taiwanese allusions. For instance Brigitte Lin’s character’s unconciousness in the final reel is explained by feeding her “Taiwanese rotten banana” – its changed to “poisonous apple” in the subs the AE disc offers.
All in all it can be said you’re simply missing a good number of important and sometimes very funny details when you only expose yourself to the Artificial Eye DVD, no less. Furthermore the multiple cuts on the UK DVD make the long middle section of the film that’s played out in the inn more confusing. The film is a crazy-assed wackfest, alright, but just like CHINESE ODYSSEY the plot is clearly structured and, if the dialogue is keenly followed, everything’s falling into place and all the goofyness and nonsense makes perfect (narrative) sense, so to speak.
Anybody who wants to take in this looniest of Wuxia spoofs in all its glory should additionally to the newer DVD make an effort to dig out the old Mei Ah or the HK LD that, to my knowledge, is based on the same Taiwanese edit.

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Old 09-03-2012, 06:57 PM   #29
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Thanks for the comparison. :)
I own the US Kino dvd,wondering how that compares?

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Old 04-07-2013, 06:08 PM   #30
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Great and very informative thread!

I do remember watching a bootleg video copy of Lucky Stars Go Places years ago which has a different ending to the vcd and dvd versions available now. In the version I saw Andy Lau and Tetsuya Matsui fight from start to finish. Sammo and Maka do not appear at the end. Andy Lau wins the fight and Tetsuya tries to commit suicide but Andy stops him. All the other guys come out and tease Tetsuya about Maria Tung Ling liking him which she denies. The guys push Maria towards Tetsuya. She turns around, the guys playfully apologise but she slaps all of them in one motion and it ends with the credits!
I don't think I have this video anymore but I remember watching it afew times when I was young so I remember the ending. It was only when I bought the vcd years later I noticed the film ended differently!

Has anyone else here seen this version?

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