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Killer Meteor
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Originally Posted by spannick View Post
after the 1971 / 1972 Violence Craze from HK things went way downhill for a few years. see the censored Chang Cheh Movies with their Red / b-w-tinted Action Scenes....
One Armed Boxer (not a Shaw but bear with me...) is a famous case of the film being cut in HK. On the Chinese track, you can even hear the jumps...

Now Fortune Star does have longer prints of some of the films, and in some cases have only released the longer version of say, Man Called Tiger, on vcd due to the old theatrical subs. The DVD is a shorter print without theatrical subs, possibly the same as the English dub?

This makes me wonder if prints, rather than negatives, may exist in studio vaults for uncut versions of things like Big Boss, One Armed Boxer, All Men Are Brothers but no-one bothers to use them for dvds because of the subs or print dammage. Of course, it's probably more likely they ended up as landfill...
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yesi know about ONE-ARMED BOXER, it's my most sought after Uncut-Movie. i don't care for BIG BOSS (really!), i'd rather have an uncut BOXER. it's cut to shreds. and yes, the old Mandarin Audio (not the horrid 5.1 from Fortune Star) can tell you all the censor cuts on the audio track. and yes, MAN CALLED TIGER fits with the English Dub with the shorter DVD Edition.
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