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Morgoth Bauglir
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I just looked through this thread and I can't find any bad comments on this movie. What is that about? I was cringing every second I watched this. And the fights, while good at times, could not make up for the rest of the movie. Not even close. But I'll give it second spin. You guys usually aren't this far off on how good or bad a movie is. Sorry if I'm coming off like an asshole, but I really, really hated this movie.

"When all this is over, Tan Hai Chi, I will kick your head off and put it on my brother's grave!"

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Originally Posted by KUNG FU BOB View Post
Glad you dug it. I was so happy while watching this film. I think I probably smiled the whole time. Well, except for when I was busy wincing at some of the brutal hits and falls.

Scott Adkins and director Issac Florentine want to do one. Check out this great interview with Scott at Impact Online http://www.impactonline.co/ where he mentions it. http://www.impactonline.co/features/...he-herc-locker
Thanks I had a lot of fun watching the movie. Sure it wasn't perfect but it did exactly what it was supposed to do, the story did enough to drive the action and there was plenty of quality action. Lots of martial arts actors on board, providing a nice selection of fights. Pure entertainment.

Adkins does seem to do a lot of movies, personally I'm not too interested in his non-martial arts movie films. But I do look forward to seeing him in Undisputed 4. I hope he makes a good few films like Ninja shadow of a tear and Undisputed 3, before he inevitably gets more financial backing, making bigger more general action movies.
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