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Default Wu Jing stars in new sci-fi actioner

On May 8, Producer Chen Zhao and director Benny Chan talked about 《全城戒备》 Entire City on Red Alert (tentative) on Sina.

This co-production by Beijing Enlight Pictures and Universe Film is budgeted at over 100m. The film is still in pre-production, Benny Chan has been preparing this film for 1 1/2 years. While it's not mentioned when exactly filming would start, Benny Chan is in the process of finalizing the script. It would feature an ensemble cast. So far, only Aaron Kwok and Wu Jing's names have been mentioned.

While plot details are being withheld, Entire City on Red Alert is said to be something that affords plenty of room for imagination, but the story would not be out of this world. Some of the characters are imbued with special abilities - paranormal/psychic/superhuman powers - comparable to Hollywood sci-fi films. But they'll do kungfu, something oriental in flavour, to distinguish it from Hollywood films, and also on the account that martial arts are the strengths of Chinese films. Benny Chan hopes to create a novel sci-fi kungfu action film.

This is a bold new move and experiment for Benny Chan, who is challenging himself, doing something he has never done before. This film is costing an arm and a leg due to the special effects and sets. There'll be a fair bit of special effects, but Benny Chan hopes to find a balance to keep the film from being over-exaggerated. He also has to oversee the constructions of each set-piece, and almost everything in the film could be blown to smithereens. All these are taking quite considerable time and effort in pre-production.

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Filming Gets Underway for City on Alert

-- City on Alert --

City on Alert, a 100m yuan sci-fi actioner by director's Benny Chan Muk Sing, has been secretly in production since mid-May. The cast includes Aaron Kwok, Wu Jing, Shu Q, Ngai Sing, Zhang Jing Chu.

In this film on courage, a group of circus performers goes on a rampage after some kind of mutation, that grants them superhuman abilities, in an accident. However, one of them, an ordinary clown originally, would not condone the others' misdeeds and for the sake of the entire city, stands up against them.

Despite being a closed set, filming of outdoor scenes are still being observed by some reporters, such as a night shoot a few days back when Ngai Sing was spotted doing a scene involving an armoured bank security van flying/toppling.

Last Saturday, Wu Jing, sporting a moustache and dressed fit to kill in black coat, and Zhang Jingchu were seen filming City on Alert in an industrial park in Kowloon. Wu Jing, who also doubles up as the action director, would often discuss with Benny Chan the various moves and positioning, doing back flips, and executing the moves as he spoke, and he would also monitor the camera alongside Benny Chan.

Playing a female cop, Zhang Jing Chu was coached by Wu Jing for half an hour on wielding a retractable baton, until she was comfortable with the action. However, Wu Jing's most lethal move yet was "Twin Dragons Vacating the Sea", best in dealing with the overabundance of simulated smoke/sandstorm effects on the set.

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