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Default Whatever Happened to Ted Jan "T.J." Roberts (90's kid MA film star)

Hey guys,

For those who may not know who Ted Jan Roberts was, Ted, or "T.J." as he was also known as, was a junior martial arts champion who got his break in Hollywood with a guest role on Married with Children. This led him to his first lead role in a martial arts film in the 90's called MAGIC KID, where he played a karate champion heading to California to meet his hero, Don "The Dragon" Wilson (playing himself). The film spawned a sequel and T.J. continued to work for PM Entertainment with A DANGEROUS PLACE (1994), THE POWER WITHIN (1995), and TIGER HEART (1996).

T.J. also played the lead role in MASKED RIDER, Saban's American adaptation of "Kamen Rider Black RX" in 1995. The show lasted only one season.

After 1997, no one heard much about where T.J. was. Well, I just saw him recently in Gus Van Sant's MILK. Turned out T.J. wanted to know more about filmmaking and turned to Van Sant as a mentor.

Here's T.J. in MILK....still looks the same after all these years.
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