A child star originally hailing from China, Sik Siu-Lung made an impact in films when he made his debut at the age of 6 with SHAOLIN POPEY (1994), opposite Jimmy Lin and Hilary Tsui. Since appearing in this film and its sequel, Siu-Lung had appeared in many films as a child star, showcasing his martial arts skills until his temporary retirement in 2004.

Sik Siu-Lung was born Chen Xiaolong on January 6, 1988 in Zhengshou in the Henan Province of China. At a very young age, Chen entered the Shaolin Temple where he adapted the name “Shi Xiao-Long” (Sik Siu-Lung in Cantonese). A natural at martial arts, he was approached by Taiwanese director Kevin Chu Yen-Ping (ISLAND ON FIRE), who casted Shi along with fellow child actor Kok Siu-Man in SHAOLIN POPEY. The duo reunited for the sequel, which was shot right after the first film was shot, the 1995 film SUPER MISCHIEVES, CHINA DRAGON with Takeshi Kaneshiro, and DRAGON IN SHAOLIN, opposite Yuen Biao.

Sik gained attention for his role of a young Shaolin monk in the two films, which led to a career in Hong Kong. Sik’s Hong Kong film debut came in 1995 with TEN BROTHERS, opposite Kenny Bee and Sharla Cheung. In the awakening of Wong Jing’s gambling comedies, where fellow martial arts prodigy Xie Miao (Tze Miu) appeared in GOD OF GAMBLERS’ RETURN opposite Chow Yun-Fat, Sik was cast opposite Eric Kot and Chingmy Yau in THE SAINT OF GAMBLERS in 1995.

Chen Xiaolong
Shi Xiaolong
Shi Xiao-Long
Sik Siu-Loong
Tommy Sik
Shi Shao-Long
Shieh Shiao-Long
Xi Xiao-Long
Ashton Chen
1988.01.06 (Zhengzhou, Henan, China)

Aside from appearing in Taiwanese and Hong Kong films, Sik appeared on various television programs where he showcased not only his martial arts abilities, but his showed he has a knack for singing. He sang the opening theme songs to the 2000 series BA SUI LONG YE NAO DONG JING and the 2003 series ZUI XIA ZHANG SAN.

Meanwhile, in 2002, Sik would play a more younger version of the famous character Ko Chun in two very low-budgeted Hong Kong films, TEENAGE GAMBLER and BLACK MASK VS. GAMBLING MASTERMIND. In both films, Sik showcased his martial arts abilities and his “gambling” powers. In the latter, one of the villains Sik faces in combat is none other than another Shaolin disciple turned actor, Xing Yu of KUNG FU HUSTLE and FLASH POINT fame.

In 2004, Sik made a few more films, including SHAOLIN GANG, where he teamed up with Xie Miao and Xing Yu; and THE RECREANT TEENAGER. By this time, the B-movie circuit in Hong Kong had come to an end. In a bold move, Sik announced that he would be temporarily retire from the film industry to head to New York City, where he was accepted into the Professional Children’s School, where he enrolled under his given name, Chen Xiaolong. He did take some time in 2006 to appear in two television series during his time in school.

In July 2008, Sik Siu-Lung graduated from the school and has adapted an English name, “Ashton Chen”. With his impending return to the entertainment circuit, could Sik Siu-Lung continue success as the now 20 year old martial artist or will it be possible with his new name that he could pull off a”Ngai Sing/Collin Chou and revert to the newly named Ashton Chen? Only time will tell as he now goes from child actor to adult.

2004 – The Recreant Teenager
2004 – Shaolin Gang
2003 – Iron Lion
2002 – Fatal Comic
2002 – Kung Fu Cooker
2002 – Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
2002 – Black Mask vs. Gambling Mastermind
2002 – Undiscovered Tomb
2002 – Teenage Gambler
2001 – Chinese Heroes
2000 – The Marvellous Cook
1999 – Heavenly Legend
1997 – Chivalrous Legend
1996 – Adventurous Treasure Island
1996 – Dragon in Shaolin
1995 – China Dragon
1995 – The Saint of Gamblers
1995 – Super Mischieves
1995 – Ten Brothers
1994 – Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple
1994 – Shaolin Popey

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