Check out the following images from upcoming fighting video game actioner TEKKEN, starring newcomer Jon Foo (TOM YUM GOONG) as a young man fighting his way through the Iron Man Tournament in a dystopian future run by corporations.

It looks like some effort was made to match costumes and looks to the original video game characters, for better or worse. The characters and their costumes largely looked silly to me.

If you missed the trailer it’s available here.

TEKKEN is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in the U.K. on April 5.

Gary Daniels as “Bryan Fury” and Jon Foo as “Jin Kazama” in TEKKEN (2010).

Jon Foo as “Jin Kazama” and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as “Heihachi Mishima” in TEKKEN (2010).

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as “Heihachi Mishima” and Ian Anthony Dale as “Kazuya Mishima” in TEKKEN (2010).

Darrin Dewitt Henson as “Raven” and Lateef Crowder as “Eddy Gordo” in TEKKEN (2010).

Darrin Dewitt Henson as "Raven" in TEKKEN (2010).

Jon Foo as "Jin Kazama" and Kelly Overton as "Christie Monteiro" in TEKKEN (2010).

Ian Anthony Dale as “Kazuya Mishima” and Jon Foo as "Jin Kazama" in TEKKEN (2010).

Candice Hillebrand as “Nina Williams” and Marian Zapico as “Anna Williams” in TEKKEN (2010).

Jon Foo as "Jin Kazama" and Gary Ray Stearns as “Yoshimitsu” in TEKKEN (2010).

Jon Foo (right) as "Jin Kazama" in TEKKEN (2010).

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  • coolboyj

    Well, this is always the case with all Video game movies – if the character's costumes look like their game counterparts, then some people (not directed to you Mark) will bitch about it saying it looks stupid that they look exactly like the game.

    On the other hand, if they don't match, then those same people will bitch about it again saying character's not faithful to the games (Streetfighter Legend of Chun Li ring any bell?)

    I actually like it that they retained the looks of the games (although I do have to admit, some of the costumes do look cheap, especially Nina's) – better than characters looking nothing like the characters at all.

  • Mark Pollard

    I don't mind costumes matching their video game counterparts so long as the costumes match the tone of the film. MORTAL KOMBAT was a modest success in this regard.

  • jinkazama

    I'm going to have to renounce my handle after this is released

  • BruisedLo

    the images not worth looking at. being nice though, i think raven and eddy looks good.

    this is what i call a slap to the face to asians, and to the GAME. oh sure its a japanese fighting game that's popular, so make it into a movie. hollywood just know what people want, oh not all people, just their white people. obviously they can't stand to see a dominant asian lead, so get someone half asian… talk about taking carradine over bruce for the kung fu tv series.

    so wtf is wrong with the movie? the game takes shit from martial art movies, from wrestling yady yada etc etc… when you play Law.. who does it remind you of? Bruce Lee… when you play Lei.. who does that remind you of? Jackie Chan.. and it goes on and on… they can't even get a chinese guy to play Law? is it that hard to do? heihachi, kazuya, jin are family, they're japanese… using Cary is fine… but the other two.. WTF… i would say Kazuya is pretty much the main evil bad guy, and they can't even get a talented japanese actor to play him or Jin.. Jin is like the main focus through out this whole tekken story.. whose the idiot that wanted Jon Foo to be Jin?????? who here actually plays tekken? compare the two… here's what i think, the video game character, Jin Kazama, is more charismatic than a Jon Foo…. i rather take a full cgi animated movie of tekken, than this hollywood crap, that shouldn't even come out on blu-ray. (because its not worth viewing in HD.) hollywood likes to belittle asians or something? are they that racist? where is the asian pride? i guess it all comes down to money. i dunno why Namco doesn't say anything about it. why don't the game creators do something about it? asia cinema should really counter hollywood's crap, and like make parodies of their wasted piece of trash, to throw them off guard.

  • Siobhan

    Umm…at least the costumes are the same…I haven't looked at the trailer yet…I'm kind of worried it's going to ruin a portion of my childhood. Then again I liked the corny DOA movie.

  • Rip

    I agree with everything that “bruisedlo” mentioned. I'm going to have to pass on this movie. It looks like crap and im saying that in the nicest possible way. Another hollywood movie sent through the grinder.

  • slimmz

    Ohhh-NO!? And I mean NO!! What does it take for a man like myself to be involed in this process. This is supposed to be a good film. I know I my be Judging too early, but the tralier ain't saying SHIT.

  • G Mkan_erri