Hong Kong actor Alan Tang was just found dead in his Hong Kong home yesterday. According to the Standard, he apparently suffered a stroke. He was 64 years old.

Although not well known in the west, Tang was enormously popular at home. He first made his name as a romantic lead, but transitioned to action films in the 1970s. Think of what Chow Yun-fat was to Hong Kong cinema a decade later –  Alan Tang filled the role first. He was a sexy, effortlessly cool badass. And his private life was just as dramatic. Read the earlier post I wrote about his life and career here.

And enjoy this clip from YELLOW PERIL (1984), where he fights Chang Yu, among others.


Above: Alan Tang with Joan Lin Feng-jiao.

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    I wasn't too familiar with Alan Tang's work, but I've seen “The Bloody Fight” a number of times and he was charismatic enough to overcome the ragged choreography–no small feat. Rest easy, Alan.

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    really like the movie.