Fans of the fighting diva that is Angela Mao Ying will get a surprise this coming Tuesday when the Angela Mao Ying Collection hits DVD from the gang at Shout! Factory.

This new pack features six films on three discs starring Angela Mao. For those unfamiliar with Angela Mao, she is perhaps best known for her cameo role as Bruce Lee’s sister in ENTER THE DRAGON (1973). However, back in Hong Kong, she was one of the top names in the classic kung fu film with her amazing hapkido skills. The films in the collection will make their DVD debut in the United States.

The films in this collection are:
BROKEN OATH (1977) – Director Cheng Chang-Ho’s final film as director features Mao as a young woman who seeks to avenge her parents’ death at the hands of traitors. The film co-stars Bruce Leung, Chan Wai-Man, Sammo Hung, and Han Ying-Chieh.

WHEN TAE KWON DO STRIKES (1973) – Mao teams up with “the father of American Tae Kwon Do” Jhoon Rhee (in his only film) as Korean rebels join forces with Chinese patriots to stop the Japanese. Co-stars Carter Wong, Anne Winton (Rhee’s one-time student), Kenji Kazama and Hwang In-Shik.

STONER (1974) – One-time James Bond actor George Lazenby teams up with Mao in the titular role as they attempt to stop a drug ring. Co-stars Hwang In-Shik, Joji Takagi, Sammo Hung, and Peter Ward. Interestingly enough, this was to have been Bruce Lee’s next film after completing GAME OF DEATH.

A QUEEN’S RANSOM (1976) – Mao plays a young woman who plots the stop the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. Jimmy Wang Yu and George Lazenby play the villains of the film.

THE HIMALAYAN (1976) – Mao teams up with the awesome kicker Tan Tao-Liang to stop Chen Sing and avenge the death of her fiancee and clear her name.

THE TOURNAMENT (1974) – Hoping to help keep their family name alive, Mao and Carter Wong head to Thailand to learn the art of Muay Thai to take on two champions much of the chagrin of their family’s martial arts association. Co-stars Hwang In-Shik, George Yirikian, and two real-life Muay Thai champions.

So if you want to see some major old school butt kicking, check out the Angela Mao Ying Collection from Shout! Factory in stores on June 17.

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  • John Firth

    Stoner! I’ve tried to get that at various points over the last few years, only to end up disappointed.

  • Will McGuire

    Are they dubbed or subbed?

  • Kung Fu Bob

    Hi Will. Each of the 6 films on this set comes with the option for both the Chinese audio and optional English subtitles, and the English dubs too! So you can watch them subbed in Chinese or with the good old English dubs- whichever you are in the mood for.

  • Will McGuire