WING CHUN, a 40-episode martial arts drama starring Nicholas Tse and screen-fighting legends Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, is coming to DVD in May courtesy of Tai Seng. Choreographed by Stephen Tung Wei (SEVEN SWORDS), this TV series originally aired in mainland China in the summer of 2007 and picks up where Hung’s 1981 kung fu classic THE PRODIGAL SON left off.

Yuen reprises his role as real-life Wing Chun master Leung Jan who he previously played in THE PRODIGAL SON. This film, along with Hung’s WARRIORS TWO, is considered one of the greatest Wing Chun kung fu movies ever made.

Nicholas Tse plays Leung’s rebellious elder son, Leung Bik. The initial premise sees Jan refusing to train his son in kung fu as punishment for what he sees as arrogance. Meanwhile, Jan must hone his Wing Chun skills even further to defeat a rival who plots to steal away Bik’s lover.

WING CHUN has generated a generally favorable response on the internet since its initial release. The series is apparently heavy on drama and dialogue but features quality action sequences. I dug up the following sneak peak on Youtube. It features a remarkably spry Yuen Biao performing wondrous old school-style kung fu choreography. Tse (the handsome fellow in white at the one-minute mark) doesn’t look too bad either. He’s obviously been working hard on his screen fighting technique.

Wing Chun Wing Chun

(left) Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung together again! (right) Yuen Biao battles Mandarin kung fu star Ji Chun-hua (FONG SAI-YUK 2). (Pictures courtesy of

Tai Seng’s eight-disc release is 30 hours long, comes with Cantonese or Mandarin audio and optional English and Chinese subtitles. With an SRP of $60, this is actually a huge value. Fans of Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, as well as Wing Chun and its lineage are undoubtedly going to want to check this series out. It arrives May 27th.

Other new Tai Seng releases announced for May include a Blu-ray edition of DRAGON TIGER GATE, also starring Nicholas Tse, along with Donnie Yen and Shawn Yue. In addition, Tai Seng is releasing the erotic costume drama MAN OF NASTY SPIRITS (1993) and South Korean suspense thriller BORN TO KILL, starring MUSA’s Jung Woo-sung.

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