Canadian actress Sarah Carter, who perhaps is known for playing Helena Douglas in the live action adaptation of the video game DEAD OR ALIVE, recently shot her third martial arts project with an Indonesian action thriller entitled GUARDIAN.

Here is the plot, according to Film Combat Syndicate:
After Wisnu got killed in his own house, his wife Sarah urges their daughter Marsya to train in the martial arts, which she despises. Until the day Paquita and her gang come to hunt them. Sarah asks for help from Wisnu’s best friend in the force, Captain Roy, who later finds out they also hunted by the men who work for a guy name Oscar. As the story unfold they’ll soon figure out what underlies this hunt in the first place.

Carter’s first foray into martial arts was the short-lived television series BLACK SASH in 2003 before DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. The film co-stars Dominique Diyose, Belinda Camesi, and Tio Pakusadewo, who will be seen in the upcoming THE RAID 2: BERENDAL. The film is written and directed by Helfi Kardit and is due for release next year. Check out the second teaser above and for more information, check out their official Facebook page.

  • RoboticPlague

    Saw this preview a long time ago. Looked like poop then and looks like poop now.

  • Leng

    I never understood the reason WHY they keep ‘shaking’ the fighting scenes.