Radius-TWC, the distribution arm of The Weinstein Company, has just announced on Facebook that the Peter Chan-helmed martial arts film WU XIA, renamed DRAGON, will get a theatrical release in the US on Nov. 30 2012. The initial release will probably be limited to New York and Los Angeles, but it should go wider if the response is good. DRAGON, which stars Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Kara Hui Ying-hung, Jimmy Wang Yu, and Tang Wei, has been described by Variety as ”a satisfyingly sinewy fusion of martial-arts actioner and brain-tickling noir.” The US DVD is tentatively slated for release in February / March, 2013.

Check out the vintage photo of Yen with his Mom and sister on the Radius Facebook page!

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  • Anonymous

    Cool but why did they have to rename it?

  • John Firth

    So it sounds as generic as possible. Also so silly people think it’s a new Bruce Lee film?

  • Nury de Vincent

    sure all america will love is really wonderful one of the best

  • kevin tran

    They always taken their sweet time to release it here. Many asians already seen it on DVD. It is a good movie, but not great. The action scenes could be little longer. Overall, it is not Donnie Yen Best movies. Hope he does a better job with Special Idenity.

  • Hmm…

    I think all localized Asian movies should just be called “Legend of the Fist of the Red Dragon Warrior Master”. If it’s a sequel, throw “Return of the” in front of it, recursively depending on the iteration.

    Seriously though, do they really think Americans would be put off by a title like “Wu Xia” and prefer something as generic as “Dragon”? Or more disturbingly, are they right? I hope not.

  • Byron Brauner

    I read the US version was cut by 19 MINUTES!! :

  • Michael Williams

    Typical, although as I have seen this movie during the Summer that’s not really a concern although I wonder what was cut for the, ahem American audiences…

  • taijiquan12

    I completely agree. They didn’t even attempt to put in any kind of effort with this title, very aggravating.