Chinese media recently gained access to the set of Wilson Yip’s IP MAN 2 in Songjiang Studio, Shanghai where production is wrapping up with stars Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung filming their first screen duel since SPL. Yip was on hand to discuss the film and touched on topics including Sammo’s heart trouble, emphasis on drama in this sequel, actor Huang Xiao-ming’s screen fighting skills, and Bruce Lee’s first appearance in the trilogy. Thanks to translation from, we’re able to reveal the details on what is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated martial arts movies of 2010.

Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in Ip MAN 2. (Sina)
Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in Ip MAN 2. (Sina)

IP MAN 2 is the first sequel in a planned semi-biographical trilogy on the life of 20th century Wing Chun master Ip Man. (AKA Yip Man), best known in the West as Bruce Lee’s martial arts instructor. The first film was a Hong Kong Film Award-winning smash hit that focused on Ip Man’s early adult life in Foshan where he struggled through Japanese occupation. Donnie Yen was nominated for Best Actor for his starring role while Sammo Hung and Tony Leung Siu-hung were jointly awarded Best Action Choreography.

The sequel puts Yen back into the role of Ip Man, this time as he settles in Hong Kong where he opens a Wing Chun school and comes into conflict with a local Hung Fist master named Hung Jan-nam, who is played by Sammo Hung. Although Ip Man is ultimately challenged by the British who rule the territory and their hired fighters, tensions between the two kung fu masters mount to where they are forced to duel.

According to Wilson Yip, the two actors had been planning this fight for a very long time. “I believe it will become a classic, surpassing the first IP MAN film as well as SPL,” said Yip. “As the duel takes place on such a small area (a round table), there will be an emphasis on the adroitness, and [it] will be very thrilling.”

While Yip has high hopes that this rematch between Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen will surpass their previous duel in SPL he has had to deal with serious concerns over Sammo Hung’s health. It was reported earlier this year that during production of IP MAN 2, Sammo Hung had been admitted to hospital to undergo heart surgery after suffering chest pain while on set. Although the procedure was a success and Hung quickly returned to filming, Yip made efforts to accommodate concerns over Hung’s health.

“We tried to shoot drama scenes first. In addition, we’d shoot action scenes in which he worked behind the camera first, pushing any action scenes involving him as an actor to the back,” said Yip. “However, being both the martial arts choreographer and the actor, Sammo Hung’s workload was still very [demanding]. Over the two, three months of filming, you cannot help but admire Sammo Hung’s attitude and perseverance. He’s always so full of zest when filming.”

A big question on everyone’s mind has been when audiences will first get to see Ip Man’s famous student Bruce Lee. Jiang Daiyan, a 10-year-old actor was selected to portray the late martial arts screen legend following an extensive talent search that focused largely on finding someone who looked like a young Bruce Lee.

“When filming the first installment, I was already being asked about Bruce Lee, though eventually, we didn’t have him,” said Yip. “In this sequel, we looked for a suitable candidate, and have completed his scenes. However, in the current 2.5 hours cut, I still have little inkling of which part of the film to put his scenes, and for how long.”

Regarding IP MAN 3, Donnie Yen suggested that he may not be reprising his role. “Because IP MAN 2 will incontrovertibly become a classic, bettering the first, I believe it’s best to end something when it’s at perfection, and leave behind a good memory,” said Yen.

“A successful film is a successful commercial product, once it has reached a certain position, I’d rather let it be a classic forever, as opposed to taking the risk to attempt outdoing it yet again. It would be very difficult to do the third installment. Perhaps, after a few years, when the director finds a new angle, we could talk about it later.”

Despite his misgivings about continuing this particular role and previous suggestion of an early retirement, Yen made it clear that he isn’t ready to give up making action movies any time soon. He cited plans for upcoming films that include THE LEGEND OF CHEN ZHEN, which begins production later this month, as well as a sequel to Daniel Lee’s upcoming martial arts actioner 14 BLADES.

“Every film I do is an actioner so after doing it I feel extremely worn out. At that time, I would often think of having an early retirement. But, after a bit of rest, I’d be raring to receive the next challenge, so, I [will] still be around for a while,” said Yen.

IP MAN 2 is currently scheduled for release in the summer of 2010.

Sources: Sina, Beijing Star Daily via

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  • BruisedLo

    way the go Donnie and Sammo, looks good! I can't wait to see it! =)

  • Kraak Mo

    Oh baby! I love Sammo Hung! Yen? He's getting better. If their confrontations are anything like that of Kill Zone, sign me up! On second thought, sign me up anyway!

    Go HK!

    BTW, I keep hoping that the “HK” on the Phillies uniform means that they are Hong Kong film afficianados like me. Yeah, keep dreaming . . .

  • Kevin Celebi

    I agree that sequels can ruin the reputation of a film franchise, but I highly doubt that if an Ip Man 3 were produced, Donnie would sit it out. He as well as anyone knows that nobody could perform the role as well as he could.

  • DiP

    This should be a treat!


    This part 2 has all the elements to be awesome! Really wish these movies showcasing traditional Wushu styles and stories could make it to the western big screens. Sammo is unstoppable, unlimited. Donnie is now on top of the martial arts cinema!

  • andrewdasz

    Very nice work…
    Samo and Yen, two good actors/martial art.

    Andrew Dasz

  • djhannibalberetta

    Can't wait Ip Man and Ong Bak 2 are new classics. Donnie Yen has been my favorite Legend of the Wolf, Wing Chun and Once Upon a Time in China 2.

  • kungfu4ever

    wow i didnt kw dere ws ip man 2 cumin out soon cnt w8 4 it sammo hung in the movie sik i alwayz love his movie nd kung fu diz movie shud be really make great classic movie.

  • mohamed

    thats fantastic i was just saying why doonie yen dont do another part for ip man?thank u guys.

  • 3dragons

    All my respect and congratulations for this excellent team (Donnie, Sammo, Wilson…). They are releasing some of the best martial arts movies of all time. Thnx.

  • FAN #1

    oh my!!…. cant wait for this movie to come out!!.. love donnie yen and sammon hung!

  • andrei

    i really2x like the first ip man film and i promise to watch this upcoming film of ip man 2… cheers for the srcipt writer of this film!!!!

  • Sammo fanatic

    Sammo rocks!!!!! He is so fat yet so agile!!!!! He really shows the kungfu world that size doesn't affect one's ability to display one's kungfu skills.Remember,despite being so fat, Sammo can do very good somersaults!!!!!!! I can't wait to watch the most anticipated duel between Sammo and Donnie yen.I'm sure it will be a classic!!!!!!!!

  • Hugo Darien

    Wow, i must buy this movie too!
    I hope i can buy it with spanish subtitle like Ip Man (1) that i had buy in amazon, and i hope if possible that it be also like the Ip Man (1) a 0 region dvd so i can see it in any part of the world!

    Any way this movie going to be a classic, i wonder if they going to do a Ip Man 3 movie?

    I love Ip Man (1) and sure the (2) also! Thanks for these movies!!
    Hugo Darien ex student of Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit.

  • MovieHustler

    IP MAN 2 will also be showing in Australia same day & date release as the rest of the world too!! Can't wait!!

  • MovieHustler

    IP MAN 2 will also be showing in Australia same day & date release as the rest of the world too!! Can't wait!!

  • facebook-1440883735

    cannot wait!!!!

  • facebook-100000209615567

    ip man was great. part 2 will be even better

  • martial arts expert

    Can't wait to see the showdown between Sammo hung and Donnie yen!!!!! It will surely be a classic!!!!!!!!!

  • djbraincrash

    i love part1. i will wing chun trainee for the next time.

    i must see the second part.

  • Fastfist3

    Donnie Yen is the new king of asian martial art movies. Without him, there is no Ip Man 2 or any other successful martial art movie! Do me a favor, kung fu movie directors………leave out the continued and worn out plots putting Chinese kung-fu heroes against evil Japanese and western invaders! Those scripts appeal only to the lowest of man's emotions and we don't need to rekindle old fires! . Those wars are over, brother! Let films communicate good lessons for our young people to learn……compassion, honor, benevolence, family and community support.

  • Franz Paguia

    Can’t Wait to see the young Bruce lee being taught by Ip Man,
    The Master of My Master…

  • sunny

    ip man 1 was very good.i hope ip man 2 and 3 will be the best kung fu films ever.

  • ozasiancinema

    Be one of the FIRST to check out the IP MAN 2 teaser trailer: COMING SOON TO AUSTRALIAN CINEMAS 2010.

    You tube link:

  • inge

    Ip Man 1 wasn't good, Ip Man 1 was Masterpiece, can't wait to see Ip Man 2 and 3

  • vee-oh-rah [;

    i CANT wait to see the next movie. i'm actually learning wing chun right now, and hope to learn more (; i'm a girl .

  • blissfull10

    This is completely a surprise to me as I thought that the Yip Man's 2 movie role was going to be played by another actor. I have watched all of Donnie Yen's movie throughout his career and respect him a lot. Wing Chun is truly getting more famous and coming to the forefront of the Martial Arts world.

    After having practiced Wing Chun for over 17 years and having thought and instructed many students of the art this is the 1st time that I see this art making a huge push to the top of the Martial Arts ladder as far as recognition. I truly couldn't be more happier to see Donnie play the 2nd part as well. This is going to be a true classic as Sammo Hung is one of the all time best martial arts actor/master/film maker.

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  • Chi Nguyen

    hey does any1 know when Ip Man 2 is coming out online??!!! i wanna see this soooooo bad omg sammo hung and donnie yen in flashpoint was beast i wanna see their fight in this one!!!

  • squallheart

    its already out the dvd o.O well i have seen it but waiting for the blu ray release

  • Movies Harbor

    Cantonese Version Out for Download!…

  • SensAsian Entertaiment

    Chinese Kung Fu Movies [with English subtitles] you must watch

    more information….

  • Shawn Frierson

    This movie was pretty epic. The fights between Hung and Yen were pretty legendary. I really enjoyed it. I don't think it was better than the first one, though. However, I did appreciate the realism in the last fight between Yen and the boxer.

  • jinkazama

    you can see the buzz from this heading over to the US – soon they'll have a US IP Man out, more than likely with Sarah Michelle Geller and Will Smith in it, can't wait

  • Casimiro

    This sequel is the biggest letdown since Ong Bak 2. I'm talking “Conan the Destroyer”, “Highlander 2″ or “Cube 2: Hypercube” levels of suck, no wonder he doesn't want to be involved in a third part.

    Excepting a brief spar with his students at the beginning, the fighting lies completely in fantasyland, with heavy use of wires in a particularly awful scene involving a table. The nationalism is ridiculous, and clearly appeals to the lowest common denominator of Chinese audiences.

    I'll just pretend this movie never existed and try to forget everything about it.

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