Major news has rocked the martial arts film world. Director Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins will be reuniting for a sequel to one of their previous collaborations. Sadly, it is not UNDISPUTED IV as of yet. Instead, their next project together will be NINJA 2.

The original NINJA, released in 2009, starred Adkins as Casey Bowman, an American-trained ninjitsu expert who becomes the protector of an ancient armor of the last Koga Ninja. While the film featured choreography by Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi, fans felt the film wasn’t exactly one of the best Florentine-Adkins collaborations. With NINJA 2 beginning production in January in Bangkok, some major updates have been released, including one fans will truly like.

The big news concerning NINJA 2 is that the new main villain will be played by Kane Kosugi. Kosugi is the elder son of the legendary Ninja actor Sho Kosugi, who had made a comeback himself in 2009 as the lead villain in NINJA ASSASSIN, starring Korean pop star Rain. All we know is that according to Kosugi, his character is named Nakabara. Miki Hijii, who co-starred as Namiko in the original film, has signed to reprise her role.

This time, UNDISPUTED II & III writer David N. White has written the screenplay and returning to lens the film is Australian-born Hong Kong-based cinematographer Ross Clarkson. The fight choreography will be handled by Tim Man, a Chinese-Swedish martial artist whose credits include ONG-BAK 2 (2008) and the soon to be released KILL ‘EM ALL (2012) starring Gordon Liu and the late Joe Lewis.

NINJA 2 is due for release sometime in 2013.

  • Randi

    How to Download This Movie ?

  • Matt

    try a time machine, it hasn’t even started filming yet you clown, also, buy the dvd or a ticket to see the film in theaters and support these guys who work 12-16 hours days for your amusement or one say you’ll ask yourself why they dont make good action movies anymore and someone will tell you because nobody makes money off them since everybody just downloads the films aka why undisputed IV was taking so long……

  • John

    Very well said Matt. Randi, the next time you have a thought and feel the need to type it out, don’t. Between the poor grammar and the fact that you actually asked how to download a movie that has not been made yet is embarrassing. Less internet, more education. As for Ninja 2, consider my copy bought. Adkins + Florentine = Martial Arts movie gold. .

  • Joey Corpora

    the entire film sins of the dragon is available here

  • hanshotfirst1138

    Sigh, apparently Ahihiro Noguchi (Yuji Sakei) won’t be returning to do the figt choreography. I’m sure whoever they choose will acquit himself well, but now that Koichi Sakamoto has gone back to Japan and bailed on POWER RANGERS, he was the last Alpha Stunts member standing, especially in the West. Wonder who he’s doing now, I sure miss the Alpha boys, shame hey never got more DTV work Statside, I gues they missed the golden age by a bit. Ah, well.