THE ENFORCER (DVD - Dragon Dynasty)

Genius Products, the distributor for The Weinstein Company’s Dragon Dynasty releases, has just issued a statement to address criticism regarding their decision to release a Special Collector’s Edition of THE ENFORCER (aka MY FATHER IS A HERO) without an original Cantonese-language audio track.

“Dragon Dynasty strives to provide fans with only the highest quality DVD releases, including restored video and audio and extensive never-before-seen bonus features created exclusively for the label.”

“Though no usable version of the original Cantonese-language track was available in time for this release, every effort was made to bring together the best elements in the world in creating the greatest version of THE ENFORCER ever experienced on DVD in the U.S.”

Dragon Dynasty’s THE ENFORCER DVD comes out on Feb. 10th. It features the same English-dubbed audio track and minor cuts to the Hong Kong print that was issued on the previous Dimension Films DVD in 2000.

  • DeathShrike

    Wow. That’s a response? No assurance that it won’t happen again? Just “Yup. We did it. So what? It’s awesome.” Sigh.


    “Though no usable version of the original Cantonese-language track was available in time for this release”… in time for this release? Then it WASN’T THE RIGHT TIME TO RELEASE IT! When you have what you need for a PROPER RELEASE- that’s when it’s time to release it. Yeah?

  • Monk Sante

    What’s the sense of releasing this title if it contains the cuts and dubbed track of the Dimension release? A few words to DD: Please release the Shaw Brother films you are license to distribute before you go out of business for releasing unwanted titles!

  • slave

    incompotent, self-indulged, stupid, idealistic faggots. what now? the inability to find Chinese versions of current chinese films?

  • chen lung

    Seems more of a case of legal reasons rather than the inability to source a “usable version”.

    I’m sure the Laserdisc would have been the best version for the audio? Like ‘PS3′, it was still cut and can never be ultimate or special.

    As for “the best version of ‘The Enforcer’ in the US”, I suppose that’s true if you consider the US version and the mastering might end up better than the initial DVD with the extras this time, but not the HK version. “Greatest version in the US ever experienced” is a bit of a narrow statement considering the amount/quality of releases in the US, etc.

  • Daniel Zelter

    I so can’t wait for that company to go under in a few months…

  • Killer Meteor

    I hope they stay, if only for those lovely Shaw titles they have!

  • atomicsteve

    Don’t buy it.

    That will send the right message.

  • Flagday

    This sounds like an outright exploitation of Jet Li fans. I’ll stick with the “My Father is a Hero” DVD, as poor quality as it may be, it’s closer to what we fans need. Shame on you DD.

  • Doubleh

    slave, I don’t appreciate you using the word faggot. Come on now, they’re just a DVD releasing company. No need to spout of such vile hate words man.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. After all these were the same guys who put out cut versions on Dimension. I have a couple of DD releases and the remastering has been lackluster to say the least. I still see plenty of film defects and they even put in freeze frames in Fist of Legend to eliminate the film problems. All I can say is that I’m very disappointed.

  • http://none Jack

    Doesn’t everyone just Bit Torrent everything now anyway’s. Any film, any version, anytime at a click of a mouse.

  • chen lung

    It’s not everyone that wants to watch for free.

  • madmonkeyfist

    Nope, Jack, not everybody Bit Torrents.

  • 107

    A worldwide effort was needed to bring together the best US experience. They should strive to be the BEST in the WORLD – a galactic effort is not necessary for this!

    Jack in front of the PC, now that paints a family picture doesn’t it….

    “…every effort was made to bring together the best elements in the world in creating the greatest version of THE ENFORCER ever experienced on DVD in the U.S.”

  • Theodore Wirth

    Killer Meteor is right! Dimension needs to stay in business if only to ensure that those gorgeous Shaw Brothers remastered filmes remain available for generations to come.

  • Jazz Man

    That’s why I won’t be buying this. I can’t believe they have the audacity to put this release out on the market! If they didn’t have the original Cantonese track in time, then put off the release for 3 to 4 months and then release it when they get the Cantonese track available. It’s not rocket science.

  • Tigerstyles
  • chen lung

    It’s not without flaw, hence why I recommended the forthcoming Austrian DVD.

    Not everyone’s about getting the cheapest price either.

  • remo

    “I can’t believe they have the audacity to put this release out on the market!”

    When you consider that they’re going after the casual Best Buy crowd as opposed to people like us, it’s very believable.

    It’s kind of funny to see the uproar every time there’s a new DD release, though. It’s not like there aren’t cheaper alternatives, as TigerStyles’ link illustrates.

    So why wait ages for DD when they often don’t get it right? In the case of the Shaws I guess I can understand, the old school dubbing is part of the charm… but that’s hardly the case for a film like this.

  • inframan

    Well I can only hope that one day the extremely rare and hard to find Cantonese language track will be found. But it could be a legend, it probably never exsisted, maybe some one like India Jones could find such a fabled relic but no normal human could possibly find such an artifact.

  • Rhythm-X

    “Well I can only hope that one day the extremely rare and hard to find Cantonese language track will be found.”

    I found it. It was on my shelf all along. Funny thing, that. Fuck Dragon Dynasty.

  • Rhythm-X

    PS – Far, far better to bootleg a reasonable version of it than to shell out actual money for crap like this that’s not worth a red cent. What a joke.

  • remo

    Uh, no. You’ve been given a link in this discussion to the remastered HK version, which can be had for less than $15 shipped. Zero excuse to bootleg this.

  • DamnIt

    Guess this means Drunken Master 2 will suck as well, if that ever comes out. And why do you guys talk about the Shaw Bros. movies like DD’s the only game in town. Just go to Chinatown and buy the Celestial releases. They have excellent subs and the picture is excellent. I got 5 fingers of death and the chinatown kid and both kick ass in quality.

  • Eric

    I’m just stunned at this. I buy these releases to get the full film and extras, particularly Bey Logan’s commentaries. To be told that they knowingly released a shoddy version is depressing to say the least. Standards, DD! Standards!

  • Jazz Man

    I try to stay positive about Dragon Dynasty and I actually like D.D. but this is not acceptable at all. I was dissapointed with the Police Story 3: Supercop release, but I still purchased it & found myself still enjoying the release. This release of My Father is a Hero is one that I’ve been anticipating, but I refuse to buy. I’m trying to keep an open mind here. But I just absolutely refuse to buy it and I will boycott D.D. until they straighten up.

  • slave

    doubleh, don’t like my verbilization then don’t visualize.

  • slave

    the problem with Ivl or deltaman (assumingly that is what you consume at Chinatown) is that THEY ARE REGION 3 (of course there is panmedia versions as well, so which is it that you have?)!

  • blue_skies

    what’s the problem with region 3? it’s so easy to get multi-region players or sometime hack your own for FREE.

    as for the dvd I’m not buying it without an original language track. what a waste of a press release “we can’t get it in time” then wait until you can. fools. what a joke this dvd is.

  • BruisedLo

    didn’t Tai Seng released the chinese version long ago? i don’t remember if it was in cantonese or not, but it was in chinese. see, Dragon Dynasty should of went to them… lol.

  • slave

    i have a Region ALL DVD player. i don’t want to be dependent upon Region 3 garbage and acquire only all or region 1 DVD’s. I use the ALL Region for the IVL stuff only.

  • skeptic

    I don’t understand something here. I went on eBay and ordered “My father is a Hero” (called “My Father is Hero” on the DVD cover) from a reputable HK company. It came last week. Brand new in Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles. Distributed by the original company: Mei Ah.
    $10 including shipping.
    So how come I can find it so easily and cheaply?!
    The DVD quality was good. Better than acceptable.