Bollywood has had some top ranking action talent over the years, from Dharmendra to Akshay Kumar. The latest who will prove his mettle on screen will be martial artist/model turned actor Vidyut Jammwal.

In his upcoming film COMMANDO: ONE-MAN ARMY, Jammwal plays Karan, a special ops agent whose chopper is shot down, forcing him to go behind enemy lines. In the midst of the chaos, he must protect a young woman on the run, played by Pooja Chopra. Judging from the sneak preview clip above, Jammwal is a very impressive martial artist, combining the likes of Michael Jai White, Johnny Tri Nguyen, and Tony Jaa. Jammwal looks to be all three rolled up in one heck of a package for martial arts film fans.

COMMANDO: ONE-MAN ARMY, directed by Dilip Ghosh, was released in India this past April, but looks like fans elsewhere may have a chance to see the film later this year.