Kang Woo-Suk, the director of the PUBLIC ENEMY film series, delves into mixed martial arts territory with his upcoming film FIST OF LEGEND, set for release next month.

Not related to the Jet Li-starred reboot of FIST OF FURY (1971), the film revolves around a former fighter who enters a mixed martial arts tournament called “Fist of Legend” to pay for his daughter’s medical bills after an accident. The tournament’s fighters consist of former high school fighters who are now middle-aged and still have the fight in them.

The film’s cast includes Hwang Jeong-Min, Yoo Jun-Sang, Yoon Je-Moon, and Lee Yo-Won. The film is based off a webcomic entitled LEGEND PUNCH by Lee Jong-Kyu.

Korea will unleash FIST OF LEGEND this April.

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  • Nahid

    fights don’t look that bad. will definetely give it a try