Shocking news from mainland China this week as media reports the stabbing death of actress Bai Jing, 29, by her husband Zhou Cheng-hai, 44, in an alleged murder-suicide in their home in Beijing on Tuesday.

The TV and movie actress recently rose to fame in China, particularly after her starring role in KUNG FU WING CHUN in 2010.

Bai Jing’s death is being attributed to a domestic dispute between the couple. She had reportedly served her husband of two years with divorce papers amid recent accusations of infidelity on his part and rumors that Bai conspired with a boyfriend in the triad to steal a large sum of money from her husband. Zhou is reportedly a billionaire who earned his fortune off the stock market and property investments.

Since 2008 the actress has starred in roughly a dozen movies and TV series. One of her most recent and high profile roles was in KUNG FU WING CHUN, a kung fu movie co-starring well known martial arts actors Collin Chou (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM) and Kara Hui (MY YOUNG AUNTIE).

According to the film’s director Joe Cheung, Bai Jing had been selected for the lead role of Wing Chun founder Yim Wing Chun from over 200 women who auditioned. Bai trained in Wing Chun for six months and had been accepted as the first mainland student of Wing Chun master Ip Chun, son of the famous Ip Man.


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  • Abc77

    Oh no! She was a better kung fu actress in recent years ….

  • Igor4e_pp

    so unfortunate :’(

  • Taijiquan12

    This is truly tragic. I really hope her scumbag husband gets the roughest punishment possible, marital disputes can be heated, but this is inexcusable.

  • Anon

     Well he committed suicide so, hence the term murder-suicide…..

  • Giantomassi74


  • Hawk

    It a big loss for the Asian movie industry …  

  • Xiao Mao

     THIS was no “dispute”. This was male violence and abuse, and it is MURDER.

  • Uoms2007

    she was the most cute face i have seen ever and so beautiful and full of happiness…

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