The latest of a series of biopics about the legendary Bruce Lee has found a director, over a year after the project was first announced.

The film, entitled BIRTH OF THE DRAGON, will focus on a famous confrontation that happened in 1965. Bruce Lee, after refusing to teach martial arts to only Chinese (at the time, he had non-Chinese students), faced a martial artist named Wong Jack Man at his gung fu institute in Oakland, California. While this may sounds like another origin story, apparently, writers Stephen Rivele and Chris Wilkinson did some research on the event. The director of the film will be George Nolfi, who directed THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU with Matt Damon and wrote the screenplay for another Damon film, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

Casting has not been announced yet, but expect to see BIRTH OF THE DRAGON sometime in 2015.

Source: Dark Horizons

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  • BoFaat

    Bruce Lee wasnt challenged because he taught white people..even before Bruce Lee others from the chinese community in SF Chinatown taught white people as well… Like Art Wong Sifu or YC Wong sifu etc. actually he was challenged because he said openly that he could beat any traditional gung fu least so I read it at many different versions about the incident..anyway for a movie the other story sounds better..still will watch it I guess.

  • Shizoo

    Kind of on the fence about this one. I don’t think we need to see anymore Bruce biopics.