With the recent buzz surrounding THE RAID 2: BERANDAL, which made its premiere at last week’s Sundance film festival, one martial arts action star has made it clear he wants to be part of the next installment.

Scott Adkins, fresh off his major Hollywood role as the evil King Amphitryon in THE LEGEND OF HERCULES, has tweeted to RAID series’ director Gareth Evans the following:

“I’m officially stating it NOW!! @ghuwevans better me put in The Raid 3!!

Almost every single review of the recent sequel coming from Sundance has been positive. Back in December, Evans spoke with Film Combat Syndicate and revealed that he is planning to make the series a trilogy. Evans hinted that the third film might not come until 2017 and that it would start two hours before THE RAID 2: BERANDAL.

Meanwhile, until Evans makes his decision on perhaps Adkins making an appearance, the British action star is preparing for other projects. This includes UNDISPUTED IV, which was announced last year when NINJA: SHADOW OF A TEAR was screen at the Fantastic Fest. The script is currently being written but Adkins will return to his signature role of Russian fighter Uri Boyka with Isaac Florentine back on board to direct. Meanwhile, two films Adkins made last year, GREEN STREET 3 and LEGENDARY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON, should be set for Stateside release sometime this year.

Personally, if Evans chooses Adkins to appear in THE RAID 3, this could prove to be amazing to fans as it could set up an epic showdown between Adkins and perhaps Iko Uwais. Even seeing Adkins take on maybe, someone like Yayan Ruhian, will prove to be outstanding. What’s your opinion if Adkins gets his chance and appears in THE RAID 3?

While fans await the decision, THE RAID 2: BERANDAL will get its official release in theaters on March 28th.

  • Jiggyboy13

    Please let him be in it. I am a fan of his but not necessarily his movies. He needs to be in better choreographed and better shot movies. I cried while watching Shadow of a Tear… and not for the right reasons.

  • Moses

    I don’t understand how you can say Ninja 2 was poorly shot and choreographed…..

  • Wayne Crear

    I say why not? They can make this franchise like what Stallone is trying to do with the Expendables.

  • Marijan Stojanoski

    Ninja 2 was a good movie great fights

  • Salman Faris Rais

    welll… why not?

  • Anonymous

    Ninja 2 was decent, it has good fights but lack of good story..but it would be a bad ass fight if scott and iko are in the same movie

  • Moses

    I was only talking about the fight scenes. The Protector had one of the worst stories in the world but people love the movie so what makes this so different.

  • Anonymous

    yeah..I couldn’t agree

  • NateP

    Let me know when Michael Jai White jumps on board.