Martial arts icons and best friends Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock are teaming up for an upcoming film entitled THE MARTIAL ARTS KID.

The two will play a husband and wife who takes in their nephew after she has passed away. To help him deal with his anger over his mother’s death, they teach the boy martial arts. The film co-stars Vicky Vodar, Natasha Blasick, Tara Cardinal, Inga Van Ardenn, Graham Elwood, Jeff Behar, and T.J. Storm. The role of the titular “Martial Arts Kid” has yet to be cast.

The film is being shot in Cocoa Beach, Florida beginning in March and then moving to Los Angeles. It will be the first film under the new production company TraditionZ Movie 1 LLC, a subsidiary of Wilson’s TraditionZ clothing line. The script was written by Adam W. Marsh and Michael Baumgartner. Producers on the film are James Wilson (Don’s brother and former martial trainer) and former kickboxer turned stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan.

In 2012, Wilson and Rothrock co-starred in WHITE TIGER, starring Matt Mullins and co-starred the late Joe Lewis. After some legal wrangling, Wilson announced that the film may be getting a release later this year. While the two played rivals in WHITE TIGER, THE MARTIAL ARTS KID will be the first time both martial arts icons will lead a film together.

With shooting beginning next month, THE MARTIAL ARTS KID may come to screens later this year. Good luck all cast and crew on the film!!!

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  • Nitpick

    Technically, they teamed up in X-Treme Fighter.

  • Tony

    And ‘Redemption’, but Cynthia’s role was more of an extended cameo.