Hong Kong-based stuntman Tiger Chen will not only be seen as a MAN OF TAI CHI, but he will also be the KUNG FU MAN in a film that will finally be seen nearly four years after it was shot.

Originally titled KUNG FU HERO, the film was shot in 2009 with the duo of Ning Ying and Yuen Cheung-Yan working as directors. The English/Chinese language film revolves around a young martial artist (Chen) who saves a young boy from a band of kidnappers. However, now accused of kidnapping the boy himself, the young martial artist must clear his name and find a way to ensure the boy’s safety.

Vanessa Branch and Andre Chyna McCoy play the kidnappers in the films. Brandy Yuen served as the film’s action choreographer, with Chen having worked with all of the Yuen Clan as one of their top stuntmen.

KUNG FU MAN is due for release in Hong Kong on July 19, two weeks after the release of Chen’s other lead film, MAN OF TAI CHI, with Keanu Reeves and Karen Mok.

  • don eon

    this movie suck like what f one hit and fly have way sorry sorry ever made

  • yamuna

    i think this movie is the best movie for kungfu