The gang from indie film company The Asylum will release their upcoming fight film AMERICAN BRAWLER on DVD and Video On Demand (VOD) on August 27, 2013.

Written and directed by Jose Montesinos, the film stars Marco Antonio Alvarez (in his film debut) as Carlos Castillo, a martial arts teacher who has some problems, including paying the bills for his dojo. When Carlos’ brother Ricky (Dennis Ruel) gets himself in trouble within the world of underground fighting, Carlos enters the fight circuit himself to save both Ricky and save his dojo. However, the competition is fierce with Chuy (Morgan Benoit) being the favorite to win an upcoming tournament.

Early reviews have praised the film with not only the storyline and character development, but the fight choreography, which was done by co-star Dennis Ruel, a Hapkido expert who has worked alongside indie talent such as The Stunt People (check him out in CONTOUR aka THE AGENT) and LBP Stunts Chicago (the upcoming UNLUCKY STARS).

Look for AMERICAN BRAWLER on DVD and VOD on August 27 from The Asylum. Check out the trailer HERE.