The trailer to the remake of DISTRICT B13 has finally been unleashed and it’s gotten a lot of positive buzz.

Entitled BRICK MANSIONS, the film was the last completed film from actor Paul Walker, who passed away on November 30 in a car crash. The actor was working on FAST AND FURIOUS 7 at the time of his passing. In BRICK MANSIONS, Walker plays undercover cop Damien Collier, who is assigned to go to the titular area, one of the worst ghettos in Detroit to find a weapon of mass destruction. There, he partners up with one of the locals, Lino, whose girlfriend is kidnapped by crime lord Tremaine, who (surprise!) has said weapon. Walker’s role was originally played by Cyril Raffaelli in the original 2004 film.

David Belle, the founder of parkour, reprises his role from the original film. The film is Belle’s English-language debut. The RZA plays Tremaine and model Catalina Denis plays Lino’s kidnapped girlfriend. The film was directed by Camille Delamarre, a protege of Luc Besson, who co-wrote the original film and serves as producer here.

To prepare for the film, Walker trained with Belle in parkour. From the trailer, it looks like Walker is going to shine here in what is his final completed film. Fans can check out BRICK MANSIONS in theaters on April 25 from Relativity Media and Europa Corp.

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  • John Firth

    That actually looks pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    The remake looks exactly like the original, which isn’t that old. Scene for scene. It’s just in English, with different actors. If I’m not mistaken the French gentleman was the same from the original as well. Just watch the original, save yourself the time.
    The movie’s okay.

  • John Firth

    I’ve got the originals.

  • Moho

    Too much editing if you ask me…. id rather watch the original again.

  • Piotr Sobczyk