Warner Brothers Japan have had one of their biggest hits in 2012 with the live action adaptation of the popular manga and anime RUROUNI KENSHIN. Now in production are not one, but two sequels that are set for release next summer.

Film Combat Syndicate reports that the sequels will be subtitled THE GREAT KYOTO FIRE and THE END OF A LEGEND ARC. Returning to direct the sequels is the original film’s helmer, Keishi Ohtomo. Reprising the role of Kenshin himself is popular actor Takeru Satoh. Some of the original’s film cast are returning along with new cast members such as Tatsuya Fujiwara (BATTLE ROYALE).

The films are currently in production. Japan will unleash the RUROUNI KENSHIN sequels in the summer of 2014.

  • Chris

    Yes!! First was awesome !

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    gonna watch this bro…