Former Shaolin monk turned martial arts action star Xing Yu, now known as Shi Yanneng, has finally landed his first major lead role with the upcoming film THE WRATH OF VAJRA.

Shi will play the titled character of Vajrasattva, a man who as a child, trained in martial arts from a Japanese cult in 1930′s China. Escaping after an accident causes the death of his brother, Vajrasattva now plans to seek revenge against the very cult who raised him. And to do so, he must enter the Shaolin Temple in China, where he learns about spiritual enlightenment and protect China against the Japanese.

The film is directed by Law Wing-Cheong, once a member of Johnnie To’s Milkyway Production team, having written and co-directed films with To. The cast includes Japanese legend Yasuaki Kurata, IP MAN’s Hideyuki Ikeuchi, former Korean pop star and tae kwon do fighter Steve Yoo, and Nam Hyun-Joon.

The film, released by Golden Network Asia Limited, is set for release this summer.


  • Kowkicker

    Please dont die in this role. I mean thise guy is like the martial arts version of sean bean

  • yugang08

    bout fucking time xing yu lands a lead role! hope he really gets to show off what he can do.

  • Dat Creme

    I agree with everyone else, while he’s still able to physically do it, Xing needs to be given a chance to shine. He’s taken a lot of beatings and deaths and needs a chance to kick butt in his feature. Hope it’s good.

  • Callista

    This comment made my day. I laughed so hard with the Sean Bean analogy. I agree with all the first 3 commenters. I just really really hope that Shi Yanneng stays humble and grounded to his roots no matter what.