80’s B-movie martial arts fans are in for a real treat as independent distributors Drafthouse Films have brought the cult classic MIAMI CONNECTION back to life with a limited re-release in theaters.

Originally released in 1987, MIAMI CONNECTION would be the only film starring Orlando-based martial arts grandmaster and inspirational speaker Y.K. Kim. Kim plays Mark, the rhythm guitar player of a rock band called Dragon Sound. All the members of the band are also martial artists and they take on the likes of various gangs and motorcycle riding ninja drug dealers.

Co-starring in the film are Maurice Smith (not to be confused with former UFC and kickboxing champion), Kathie Collier, Vincent Hirsch, Angelo Jannotti, and Joseph Diamand as the other members of the band. The film was co-directed by Kim and Korean-born filmmaker Park Woo-Sang, aka Richard W. Park, the director responsible for L.A. STREET FIGHTERS with Jun Chong and K.K. FAMILY LIST , starring Taejoon Lee.

Check out the Drafthouse Films website at for a list of showings in your area. MIAMI CONNECTION will be released on DVD from Drafthouse Films on December 11, 2012. For more information on Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, go to his website at

  • derek watson

    the gateway theater in Columbus Ohio is playing this film! going to go check it out this week. Thanks for the info! this looks to be a fun one :)

  • Glenn Goza

    Actually, that is the same Maurice Smith from the UFC