The 37th Super Sentai Series brings back the theme of dinosaurs but adds a little samba flavor to make this one of the most fun installments of the series.

Set in Earth in the present day, the Deboss Army, led by Chaos, has plans to not take over Earth but rather, destroy the planet. However, former Deboss Army commander Wise God Torin, who was commissioned to destroy Earth millions of years ago but had decided not to, has put together a team of heroes to help protect the Earth from the Deboss Army.

They are the Kyoryugers. Daigo “King” Kiryu (Ryo Ryusei) is KyoryuRed. Daigo’s father Dantetsu (Shinji Yamashita) had befriended Torin years ago and offers assistance when necessary. Ian Yorkland (Shusuke Saito) is KyoryuBlack. A ladies’ man, Ian has a grudge against Deboss Army commander Aigallon, who killed Ian’s best friend a few years back. Nobuharu Udou (Yamato Kinjo) is KyoryuBlue. A 32-year old man, he fights to protect his family, notably his sister Yuko (Ayumi Kinoshita) and niece Rika (Nanami Tsunamoto). Souji Rippukan (Akihisa Shiono) is KyoryuGreen. A master in kendo, Souji is the hard-headed member of the group, all in part to his father’s relentless training. Amy Yuzuki (Ayuri Konno) is KyoryuPink. Coming from a privileged family, she is expected to act like a socialite, but rather focus on her martial arts skills.

Eventually, as the Kyoryugers reveal their identities to each other, Torin learns of a missing warrior from the Warring Period who had helped him. Possessed by Deboss Army commander Dogold, the warrior known as Utsusemimaru (Atsushi Maruyama) eventually breaks free and joins the team as KyoryuGold. Ucchi, as he is nicknamed by his fellow teammates, learns about the modern world as he fights alongside his new friends as they do what it takes to stop the Deboss Army from destroying Earth.

The third dinosaur-themed Super Sentai Series (following KYORYU SENTAI ZYURANGER (1992), the basis for the original POWER RANGERS series; and BAKURYU SENTAI ABARANGER (2003), the basis for POWER RANGERS: DINO THUNDER) is also the most fun thanks to writer Riku Sanjo, who gives the series a bit of Brazilian flavor to the series. This includes the use of music as a form of weapon by both sides and the fact that in order for the Kyoryugers to morph, they must perform a samba dance after calling “KyoryuChange”.

Throughout the series, more notable cast members appear in recurring roles. Canadian-born actor Robert Baldwin joined the series as Ramirez, a former caveman-like warrior who is a “Spirit Ranger”, KyoryuCyan. Masayuki Deai, who played BoukenSilver in the 2006 series GO GO SENTAI BOUKENGER, plays Tessai, a Chinese kung fu expert who is another “Spirit Ranger”, KyoryuGrey. Veteran Shigeru Chiba is the narrator and plays Dr. Ulshade, who created the morphing devices and the Zyudenchi, the dinosaur-like zords and batteries that charge both morphers and zords. Ulshade is also a Ranger himself, KyoryuViolet, before passing his powers onto his granddaughter Yayoi, played in a recurring role by Marie Iitoyo.

Past Super Sentai actors make cameo appearances in the series. As mentioned, Ayumi Kinoshita (the Yellow Ranger on TOKUSOU SENTAI DEKARANGER (2004)) plays Nobuharu’s sister. Kenji Ebisawa (the Black Ranger on ENGINE SENTAI GO-ONGER (2008)) plays Shiro Mifune, Ian’s best friend who meets a tragic fate at the hands of the Deboss Army. Jyunichi Harata (the Black Ranger on KAGAKU SENTAI DYNAMAN (1983)) plays Souji’s hard-nosed father, who trains him in kendo.

The series, like many others, feature some excellent action scenes from Japan Action Enterprises’ Hirofumi Fukuzawa. Each of the core Rangers are skilled in a special technique. KyoryuRed is skilled with his fists. KyoryuBlack is a master shooter. KyoryuBlue uses grappling and his weight. KyoryuGreen is skilled in slashing while KyoryuPink is skilled in kicking. The show features the most Rangers in one series, a massive ten Rangers, including in the second half of the series, KyoryuSilver. Like its predecessors, the series has some great wirework stunts and at times hilarious CGI (such as Nobuharu turning into a big ball). In addition, KyoryuRed has a special technique known as “Carnival Mode” in which he can become a human Megazord, enabling him to use the same combinations of the Megazord of the show, the Kyoryuzin.

Definitely a fun series, ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER brings back the dinosaurs and spices it up with some Brazilian samba mixed in and the different personalities of the Rangers make this one of its best series. Definitely worth checking out, especially before Saban Brands adapt the series in 2015 as POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE.

(Kyoryuger Actor Image courtesy of Crosstalk)

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