Franklin Correa, director of the independent film THE PREY, returns with this exciting indie action film filled with some realistic fight sequences.

Local reporter Ashley Romano (Janet Miranda) has been searching for the truth revolving an urban legend. “The Keys of Escobar” is a list of people working for crime lord Pablo Escobar during his time of reign. All of the information is stored onto a flash drive along with information on two bank accounts in Panama totaling fifty million dollars.

When Ashley’s informant gives her the flash drive, she becomes a target for local crime boss Antonio (Emilio Pantero), who grabs the informant and kills him. Not knowing who to trust, she turns to her boyfriend, martial arts instructor Johnny Franco (Franklin Correa). However, when Ashley is caught and killed by Antonio and his gang, Johnny, who received the flash drive before her death, seeks answers.

For its 62-minute running time, filmmaker Franklin Correa does well in combining a coherent plot and going right for the throat. While he isn’t seen until about fifteen minutes into the film, he does do well in utilizing the supporting characters. Janet Miranda does well as reporter Ashley, who starts out as a damsel in distress and sadly ends up murdered. Emilio Pantero really hypes it up well as the villain Antonio. It must be mentioned that he gives one of the funniest interrogations I have seen on film. He grabs a baseball bat and just when you think he will kill his adversary, he breaks out into a dance when music is played on the radio.

Correa not only stars, but handled the fight choreography. However, he makes it clear that he is not going for anything flashy and that is ok. A 3rd-degree black belt in Ninjitsu, Correa uses a more realistic style of combat as he takes on those who stand in his way of both avenging his girlfriend and getting the flash drive.

In short, FLASHDRIVE is a short but sweet action thriller in which Franklin Correa and his team made good use of its budget and realistic fight scenes. Worth taking a look.