Two kung fu experts find the biggest challenge of their lives in this underrated classic kung fu film from director Chan Chuen.

Tiger (Chin Yuet-Sang) and Wu Shing (Alan Hsu) are best friends who are also kung fu experts. Tiger enters a martial arts competition and wins. However, he learns that the prize is the right to marry Ting (Michelle Mai), the daughter of the town’s most prominent figure (Paul Chang). However, Ting is not really interested in marrying Tiger, so her father comes up with a plan for Tiger to earn his right to marry Ting.

Tiger must pass a series of three tests and if he should complete all three tasks, then he will have the right to take Ting’s hand in marriage. The first is to steal a manual from a local kung fu expert (San Kuei). The second test is to steal a jade from a local brothel. Tiger, assisted by Wu Shing, is able to pass the first two tests but the third will be perhaps his most difficult challenge. The third test is to steal a ruby off the turban off a local Indian yoga master (Dupar Singh).

This is quite an interesting and somewhat underrated kung fu film. Director Chan Chuen takes a simplistic plot and with the twists (literal) added, this is quite a fun film. Chin Yuet-Sang and Alan Hsu (Tsui Chung-San) perform quite well as the kung fu fighting buddies. One can only think why Ting refuses to marry Chin’s Tiger. Chin isnt exactly one who Ting finds attractive, but it is more because she is the prize of a kung fu tournament.

The action scenes are quite fun to watch. Choreographed by Tsui Fat and Mang Hoi, the film highlights the talents of the stars. However, it is when Dupar Singhs yoga master comes in that the film really brings a sense of shock value. Singh, a contortionist, uses his body as a literal weapon, dodging moves with his amazing flexibility and pretty insane movements. It is clear that Singh is one of the best underrated villain actors to ever grace the screen, and this was in fact, his only film. Even Singh’s demonstration scene of his contortionist style, is a little bit cringeworthy but exciting to watch.

KUNG FU VS. YOGA is a pretty decent kung fu film, and Dupar Singh is truly a wonder to watch. Sure, his contortion style is a little bit cringeworthy but it is fun to watch at the same time.

  • Stupeaz .

    Had this film for years and never watched it, going to check it out now thanks