The Wild Stunts Europe team give us this short and awesome film that is a tie-in to the video game TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. Perhaps the makers of the recent TEKKEN live-action film should have gotten their tips from these guys.

Marshall Law (Alex Vu) is practicing when he is confronted by Lee Chaolan (Anthony Pho). As the two fight each other, Marshall finds a tag team partner in the high kicking Hwoarang (Daren Nop). However, Lee has a powerful tag team partner in Lars Alexandersson (Jonathan Henry). Who will win?

Directed by Vincent Gatinaud, the film features some very nice fight choreography by Kefi Abrikh, who also wrote the screenplay and has a role as Kazuya Mishima in the final seconds of the film. The visual effects, by director Gatinaud, are wonderfully used here and done rightfully.

Check out Wild Stunts Europe’s TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 and see for yourself. For more information on the Wild Stunts Europe team, check out their official website at

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  • VietDude

    That was so awesome!

  • Leng

    Why new movies nowaday have to be so shaky instead of being still so we can see clearly?
    Always go back to the old ones, more clearer.

  • See Rea

    wow!!!!! that was so awesome!!!