Interpol agent CK Long (Sammo Hung) busts a billion-dollar drug deal. In reprisal, a drug cartel hires an all-female assassination squad run by Madame Rose to kill Long’s entire family. Long survives but his daughter is kidnapped by Madame Rose and brainwashed into becoming her latest assassin. Fifteen years later, Long’s daughter (Jennifer Tse) is now called Phoenix and has risen in the ranks to become Madame Rose’s top-ranked assassin. As Madame Rose expands her organization’s reach around the globe, Long soon finds himself the target of his own daughter. NAKED SOLDIER is a semi-sequel to NAKED WEAPON and co-stars martial arts actors Philip Ng, Andy On and Jiang Luxia. Film is directed by Marco Mak (TRACING SHADOW) with action direction by Corey Yuen.

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