Art house filmmaker Wong Kar-wai’s take on Wing Chun master Yip Man, best known as Bruce Lee’s martial arts instructor. Dramatic actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai stars along with Zhang Ziyi and Chang Chen. Action director is Yuen Woo-ping. Prospects for this film are uncertain. Wong Kar-wai consistently puts out quality films that generally score high with critics and international audiences but this film follows a recent flood of Yip Man films and TV series including Wilson Yip’s popular IP MAN and IP MAN 2, both starring leading martial arts actor Donnie Yen. Audiences may be weary of Yip Man biopics while Yen will be a tough act to follow for Leung who trained extensively for the role but lacks a martial arts background. Also, the teaser suggests action will adopt Yuen Woo-ping’s standard, exaggerated wire-fu style rather than grounded Wing Chun, which the action director has never embraced. Yuen’s 1994 film, WING CHUN, centered on the legendary female founder of the martial art but the fight choreography contained very little Wing Chun kung fu.

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  • Daniel

    I mean, this looks cool and all, but it would be nice if they used actual Wing Chun. I had a lot more hopes for this than the Donnie Yen Ip Man movies, which misrepresented Ip Man rather significantly.

  • Sphinxboy

    It is the real Wing Chun.Zhen Zidan's Wing Chun was not the purest one.
    In a word,this film is worthwhile waiting!

  • Il Duce

    Just me, or was that pretty much the big fight in “the Matrix Revolutions”???

  • SEO Services

    Preview of upcoming movie is quite attractive. I think it would be a better movie for  particular audience. I hope it would be a better action movie. Definitely I will go to watch it when it will released.

  • Jkdmaster1

    I really have to say, after seeing this trailer, I have pretty much no interest in this one. Like the article mentions, Ip Man, between the 2 movies and the spin-off series has become over-saturated, and this film, lacking a martial arts lead (although Tony Leung is a great actor) and lacking any sort of actual Wing Chun, even the exaggerated style used in the Donnie Yen films, really bugs me.

    Wing Chun has never been a prominently featured style, and the screen has always favored “big” movements as opposed to the intricacies of trapping that Wing Chun specializes in. The one hope for this movie in my book is a better representation of the events of Ip Man's life, and perhaps more drama.

  • truth

    Dude, shut the hell up. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Don't criticize it like you're some mulch-billionare director or a famous kung fu artist. It's a movie, watch it or don't.

  • omar

    Always great to see an actor improving his skill-set in order to tackle a new role.. Leung is a fantastic actor and should be able to bring his dramatic style to bear on the interpretation of the Grand-master

  • Truth's dirty secret

    He just expressed an opinion. Obviously you can't cope with views that don't adhere to your own. Maybe you should be a politician, if you aren't already. Regards.

  • Only The Truth

    i think this is worth waiting for. Some of the comments seems out of jealousy, speak a lack of any knowledge of the true nature of martial arts. I think the Chinese cinema is giving it a go. Sounds like Hollywood fans are in for a big surprise. The Asian martial arts is the best, especially China. Thanx China for bing it to us.

  • Eric Ironman

    Yip Man would be speaking Cantonese…. not Mandarin… hate that this trailer is not in Cantonese.

  • Anonymous

    anu pinagaawayan nio po

  • Anonymous

    This movie is really amazing …..