The trailer for RISE OF THE LEGEND, the film that marks the return of legendary martial arts hero Wong Fei-Hung to the big screen, has finally been unleashed.

Eddie Peng (UNBEATABLE) tackles the role of a young Master Wong and judging from the trailer, he is tackling the role head-on. Sammo Hung, Max Zhang, Wang Luoyan, Jing Boran, Angelababy, and Tony Leung Ka-Fai co-star in the film. The film was directed by Roy Chow with a script by Christine To. Corey Yuen served as the film’s martial arts director. Judging from the trailer, after many felt disappointing with his last few films as action director, Yuen may be getting some redemption here.

RISE OF THE LEGEND will be released in theaters this November.

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  • ColdCrane

    Looks like more artsy slow-motion garbage to me! Anyone remember a time when the best movie fights/stunts in the world came out of China?

  • John Firth

    They all got old and the death of the opera schools meant no-one followed. There’s some good wuxia guys from the mainland, but they don’t have the all-round skills that the opera school pupils had. That run from the sixties to the nineties spoiled us.

  • Dom

    Not sure I can watch a Wong Fei Hong movie that isn’t Jet Li. =/

  • ColdCrane

    I agree but Thailand & Indonesia don’t seem to have any shortage of capable stuntfolk.

  • John Firth

    Stuntmen are one thing. The old Hong Kong guys were also the actors. Often the directors and choreographers too.

  • Chrichtonsworld

    Actually the action is top notch. This is the one occasion where the special effects enhance the martial arts in a good way. Sadly story wise it’s a mess and a little boring. But who cares about plot in a martial arts film. Very old school like I skipped to the action scenes. And they are a real joy to watch.