The long awaited prequel to the live action adaptation of the Namco video game TEKKEN has finally unleashed a teaser trailer upon its release on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 12.

TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA’S REVENGE stars Kane Kosugi as the man who will become Jin Kazama’s father, who finds himself with amnesia and turned into a ruthless assassin by an underground organization. Returning from the original film are Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima and Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury. New cast members for this installment include Kelly Wenham, Ron Smoorenburg, and Rade Serbedzija as “The Minister”. For those who have seen the original film, Ian Anthony Dale played the role of Kazuya.

Fight choreography duties went to Brahim Achabbakhe. Achabbakhe worked as an assistant stunt coordinator and doubled for Scott Adkins on Isaac Florentine’s NINJA: SHADOW OF A TEAR. He also appears in the film. Wych Kaos took over as both director and cinematographer on the film, which was shot in Thailand.

TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA’S REVENGE is due for release on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 12 from SP Distribution while in some areas, it will be released in theaters on August 21.

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  • Tekken Fan

    This looks fucking dreadful.

  • Wayne Crear

    Looks a little cheesy..the first one was awful as well. Kane deserves something better than this.

  • Anonymous

    Whats the point of making movies based on tekken if they arent anything like tekken? All these things do is piss off fans, and get treated with indifference by everyone else. I’m not a mindless fanboy, I understand that sometimes you need to make changes to the source material when adapting a game into a movie, but the way these tekken films ignore the games is just really dumb. Fuck this shit.

  • Len Teasdale

    Think it’s a matter of style and taste. Not every movie can be a $300M blockbuster, unfortunately. I didn’t mind the first one actually. WOuld I have liked it more if Warner Bros made it? Sure I think so. But at least they spent the money on it and made something interesting to watch. I just pre-ordered my copy and am looking forward to it. For anyone interested, it took me a while to find it but I found it here:

  • Anonymous

    A tekken movie doesnt have to be a $300M blockbuster. Thanks to digital cameras and visual effects being more easily accessible than ever, a tekken movie could be low budget and still be a great looking film that feels like the games its based on . A low budget is no excuse for visually inaccurate game adaptions , not any more.

    You could argue that the live action tekken movies dont follow the games closely because they are going for realism, but thats really stupid because tekken isn’t about realism -any one who’s played the damn game will tell you that. If the producers of these films are not going to embrace the source material (silly costumes, special moves, crazy hair styles and all) ,then whats the point of calling these movies ‘tekken’?

    So yeah, to reiterate- fuck this shit….

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    i agree. the raid 2 was made with 4.5 million dollars and it was a visually beautiful film. it also had kick ass action. they could have told a small tekken story staring some of the cast. it did not have to focus around the tourney. the action in the trailer looks ok but nothing from this movie said tekken. screamed everyday MA action flick. kane deserves better.

  • sancoLgates

    i’m downloading :)

  • Bruce Acosta

    Well Namco has nothing to do with this, Why can’t they do a web series to follow the story based on the Tekken games with Kazuya suffers from the Devil Gene, also they should bring in Jun and the characters from Tekken 2 and their story origins also they will have the story of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation and THe King Of Iron Fist Tournament.

  • sancoLgates

    FUUCCCKK !!! This is the worst movie i’ve ever seen . ..

    what should i expected from tekken, they never care about Plot !

  • MarvelKnight420

    What none of you obviously understand, namco is not involved!! So legally it cannot be exactly like the games. And to those of you that bitch, if you had such a big problem with the first one then ehy even attempt to watch the second. You people set yourself up for failure when expecting these movies to be like the games. And how exactly do you make it like the games?!?! Play it out fight by fight with very little cut scenes? Yall are stupid. And also all the background story your quoting comes from the animated videos that namco was involved in, so of course these directors wouldnt be able to mimic it at all. What makes these movies interesting, is exactly what makes other movies interesting, its not the same!!! Im sorry but I dont like hearing the same story over and overagain without any change, thats why this movie, like the marvel movies, differ largely from their sources. So watch the movie if you like them, and if not stop watching and stop bitching.