At long last, the first trailer to Gareth Evans’ long awaited sequel to his 2012 hit martial arts film THE RAID-REDEMPTION has finally been unleashed.

THE RAID 2-BERENDAL begins directly after the first film and brings our heroic cop Rama, played by Silat expert and action star Iko Uwais, back into the fold. This time, to stop the corruption that served as part of the original film, Rama goes undercover in the Indonesian underworld by infiltrating a top level gang in cahoots with the Yakuza. As part of his assignment, Rama ends up in prison, which sets up the trailer. As Rama looks at a wall with a drawn out figure, he begins to furiously punch the wall with the juxtaposition of some of the other central characters we will see in the new film.

Aside from Uwais, Donny Alamsyah returns to play Rama’s brother Andi with the amazing Yayan Ruhian returning to play a brand new character. The film also stars Julie Estelle, Raiden Integra, and Ryuhei Matsuda. The team of Uwais and Ruhian have joined forces with Kung Fu Cinema favorite Larnell Stovall to serve as the trio of fight choreographers.

THE RAID 2 – BERENDAL will be unleashed next year.

  • RoboticPlague

    Who updates this site? They are really slow at getting the news out. If you are in need of some help shoot me an email.

  • Canon

    What is “BERENDAL”?

  • Henrik Andersson

    That’s the same teaser that came out a while back.

  • Jorge Del Rio

    Berandal is Indonesian word for “thug”