New costume drama from director Daniel Lee (14 BLADES) is set near the end of the Qin Dynasty and centers on a famous event in Chinese history known as “The Feast at Hong Gate.”

Xiang Yu (Feng Shaofeng) is a warlord jealous of rival warlord Liu Bang’s (Leon Lai) success in conquering the Qin Empire and plotted to wipe him out. Liu Bang gets wind of the plot and attempts to make peace. Xiang Yu has a change of heart and invites him to a feast instead. During the event, an assassination plot against Liu Bang unfolds as key figures opposed to the plot attempt to aid Liu in making his escape.

Also starring is Liu Yifei, Zhang Hanyu, Anthony Wong, Jordon Chan, and Andy On. Action director is Tony Leung Siu-hung (THE LEGEND IS BORN – IP MAN).

Another upcoming film, THE LAST SUPPER from director Lu Chuan, covers the same subject. That film stars Liu Ye, Daniel Wu and Chang Chen.

WHITE VENGEANCE is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in November.

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  • Daniel

    This looks kind of cool, but oh my is the voice over awful.